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El Salvador
Saturday, 7 January 2006
El Salvador a beautiful place to visit!!!

National anthem

Posted by mafermelgar at 2:01 AM EST
Updated: Saturday, 7 January 2006 6:21 PM EST
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El Salvador is one of the smallest countries in America, located in the magnificent Central America. It is surrounded by the Pacific Ocean and it is in between Guatemala and Honduras.

El Salvador is a country that not a lot of people have heard of, yet it is one of the beautiful places of Central America and one of the richest in love and beauty. It is covered with loads of kindness, charity, and affection. The people wrap up tourists with joy, harmony and beautiful moments, showing them appreciation and involving them into our big family, and always lending a hand to those who most need it.
Since, it is located along a coast line it has a mass amount of beaches and lakes both of them gorgeous and spectacular. El Salvador has lots of mountainous areas, which provide us stunning views.

El Salvador has a good climate, in which you can have a great time.

With only 21,040 sq km, El Salvador has many beautiful and magnificent landscapes. El Salvador stores a lot of great treasures, from beautiful beaches to astonishing and historical ruins. Even though, it is a small country, it has a lot of things to offer.

Posted by mafermelgar at 1:57 AM EST
Updated: Saturday, 7 January 2006 2:52 PM EST
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Let me talk about beaches!
El Salvador encloses an extraordinarily tropical climate. The sun always favors this country; it is cover with sunlight for approximately 6 hours (rainy season) to 10 hours a day. It is the perfect place, to have fun in the extraordinary beaches under the glowing sun. There is a narrow coastal plain on the Pacific shore forming the most extensive region of tierra caliente, with a typical hot, tropical climate you can enjoy all you want in this beautiful coastline. There are many gorgeous beaches in El Salvador, as it borders with the North Pacific Ocean, having a coastline of 307 km, and its territorial sea is of 200 nm.

El Salvador beaches are one of the major tourism attractions of this country. Not only has the climate favored this country, but the waves! The waves are just spectacular, they steal the show. El Salvador's beaches are somewhat unique in that they vary from sparkling white sand to completely black sand because of the high ferrous content
They are just amazing, as you can practice many sports on them, from jogging to football, from swimming to scuba diving, or just relaxing seeing the beautiful colors of the sunsets

But, you want to know what the best about these beaches is?

The distance, you don?t have to drive for hours to enjoy the beautiful sand, the glowing sun and sceneries this country offers you! For the furthest beach you have to travel just 3 hours from the capital!!! If you don?t think that?s amazing, just take a look at the beaches!

Link to Photo Album Beaches

El Sunzal

Location: It is located a long the coastline in La Libertad, near the port.

Description: It is considered between the 10 best beaches to practice surfing in the whole world. It is also excellent to practice snorkeling and diving to a little profundity. This beach is very rocky, where you can explore its maritime habitat. In the beach el tunco, which is next to this one, there is a variety of restaurants and hotels giving comfort to tourists and surfers. The whole area is adapted for tourism, having international restaurants, shops for surfers, and professional surfers teaching people who would like to learn this magnificent sport.

La Paz

Location: It is located at the south of San Salvador, in La Paz.

Description: It is found by a lot of tourists and surfers, as this beach has been involving important national and Central American tournaments. Its surroundings have every commodity for tourists, restaurants, hotels, teachers for surfing and kayaking. There is also a variety of tours in mini cruises, in which you can acquire sea crafts. This cruise is called ?Barco la conquista?, and it has 2 journeys to offer, one is about 2 hours and the other one takes 5 hours. You can swim, fish, and in this trips you can see a lot of maritime species, such as dolphins, marlins, tunas, etc and if you get lucking between march you can see the migration of whales that are moving towards North America.

El Palmarcito

Location: It is near the capital, at the west of San Salvador in La Libertad.

Description: This beach is perfect to practice surfing or body surfing. There are some small restaurants of sea food. It offers a hotel, with all services included. In it, there are some artificial pools, with slides and two beautiful salty pools near the sea which receive water from the waves of the ocean. It also offers a beautiful view towards the ocean.

Los Cobanos

Location: It is located in Sonsonate, passing the port of Acajutla.

Description: This beautiful beach of coral reefs and white sand is an excellent point to people who like diving. There are some tours of diving, which last about four to five hours, in a profundity of 20 to 30 meters, and from 5 to 10 kilometers from the shore.

Metalio Beach

Location: This beach is in Sonsonate, near the port of Acajutla.

Description: This beach is shocking, due to the beautiful sunsets. Many people come to this beach to see how the sun disappears into the clear and transparent ocean, at any period of the year. This is a perfect spot for photographs, to watch beautiful sceneries and the astonishing colors of the sunset. This beach is classic due to the black sand and the temperature of its waters, which will captivate you!

Barra de Santiago

Location: It is located in the department of Aguachapan, in the west of El Salvador.

Description: This beach is located in a town, in which you could interact with people as they sell a lot of sea products. There are many beach houses, restaurants and some hotels as this beach has been growing in tourism. You can practice a lot of sports, as you have contact with the ocean. Some sports you can practice are: swimming, kayaking, ski, between more. You also can have contact with the tarn, which permits you to travel in the ocean in high tides.

This is one of the largest mangrove forests in El Salvador. It provides some of the last habitat for yellow-naped parrots, white-fronted parrots and caimans in the country.

Costa del Sol

Location: It is located 65 km south-east of the capital, San Salvador, in the department of La Paz.

Description: It is one of the most popular beaches in El Salvador. Due to this, this beach has an infinite number of beautiful hotels such as; Paradise hotel, Tesoro Beach hotel, Suites Jaltepeque, between others. Beautiful houses, restaurants and clubs are built in front of the sea, having an astonishing view towards the sea, many people do not resist to this temptation!!
But? that?s not all!!! The beautiful color of the sunsets, the environment that it offers and the commodity make your stay the most pleasure stay in your life. There are also millions of activities in Costa del Sol, from fishing, skiing, rides in boats and watching beautiful birds in their habitat. It is just magnificent and very pleasant to stay there.

They can also appreaciate at the end of the sea, the beautiful tarn of Jaltepeque, where you can appreciate a variety of birds in their habitat, mangroves.

El Espino

Location: It is located at the east of El Salvador; it is located in the coastline of Usulutan.

Description: It is one of the widest beaches here in El Salvador; it has approximately 10 km in range. In this beach you can practice many sports in the sand (Volley ball, foot ball, jogging, walking, etc?) or in the sea(fishing, swimming, etc).

Posted by mafermelgar at 1:53 AM EST
Updated: Sunday, 8 January 2006 11:15 PM EST
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Meanguera Island

Location: It is located at the east of El Salvador, in La Unicn.

Description: The Meanguera Island is protected by an extended baby blue sky, which in the afternoon reflects beautiful colors between a purplish to a red fire color, making this Island a beautiful place to visit. It has tropical and astonishing landscapes, creating an attraction to people, who wants just to relax while enjoying the most stunning sceneries.

Jiquilisco Bay

Location: It is located at the south-east of San Salvador, in Usulutan.

Description: This bay is gorgeous. It is said that its beautiful sceneries and variety of nature attracts people.
Many people are lead by their adventurous skills, as you can practice various aquatic sports, or enjoy the nature by riding from boats to kayaks in the amazing waters of this Bay.
Many people enjoy fishing in the Jiquilisco bay for recreation or professional use, as it is a perfect location to practice it.

San Diego

Location: It is located in the city of San Diego, Comalapa in la Libertad.

Description: This beach is very spacious; it has seven kilometers of extension. It is ideal for sports like jogging, volley ball or foot ball. Its waves are very low, and they are very gentle. It exist many services such as hotels and restaurants, in which you can enjoy your stay.

Posted by mafermelgar at 1:51 AM EST
Updated: Sunday, 8 January 2006 1:35 AM EST
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Lake Ilopango
This lake of 72 km.2, is located between the provinces of San Salvador, Cuzcatlan and La Paz. It is one of the most large and beautiful deposits of water in El Salvador with a profundity that reaches 230 meters.
In this lake you can find a lot of fishing as there are a variety of beautiful fish. It is a perfect spot for navigation, of boats, jet skies, etc? For this reason, this lake is an excellent place to practice aquatic sports, like kayaking, skiing, or just having fun being pulled in banana boats.
It is surrounded by loads of restaurants, hotels/ clubs and some houses which enjoy the tranquil waters of this lake.

Lake Coatepeque
Its origin is volcanic, and it is located 18 km at the south of Santa Ana. This lake has 24 km cubed. Two major accidents which caused beautiful landforms, where a peninsula was formed ?los anteojos? and an island ?del cerro?.
This lake is considered between the 10 lakes more beautiful in the whole world. Its name is derived from Nahuat(language spoken in El Salvador, before it was colonized) ?Cerro de Culebras? (hill of snakes)
This lake has also navigational use, perfect to ski, swimming, kayaking, between others.It has some residential houses, restaurants and clubs as tourists love to stay the night.

Guija Lake
Just over ten kilometers south of Metapan the beautiful Lago de Guija straddles the border between El Salvador and Guatemala.
You can hire a boat to visit some of the islands or you can climb one of the surrounding hills for a great panorama of the lake all the way across to Guatemala.

Suchitlan Lake

This tourist center, located in San Vicente was formed in 1774 due to a land slide of the volcano of San Vicente.
It counts with artificial islands, cascades, familiar and Olympic pools. Amapulapa will astonish you with all of its beauty.

The Nymphs lagoon
This is a refugee of natural life, located in San Ramincillo in Ahuachapan.
Its name was originated long time ago, as a lot of migration birds deposited seeds, providing gigantic nymphs that are only given in that area.

Posted by mafermelgar at 12:52 AM EST
Updated: Monday, 9 January 2006 12:35 AM EST
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El Salvador has a very mountainous relief, in which we can find loads of volcanoes, mountains and hills. A bit more than 20 are recognized as volcanoes, however, there are a bit more as the activity of this land since millions of years ago have transformed from some hills and mountains to volcanoes.
These volcanoes are covered with a large amount of vegetation. It encloses beautiful views and sceneries in the horizon, making the sunset or the sunrise beautiful to watch from those points. It has a good climate which enables you to enjoy every part of the visit; from the vegetation to the animals living there.
Many volcanoes are not active and do not show activity, however, Santa Ana?s Volcano, better known as the Ilamatepec Volcano, showed some activity by expulsing ashes.

As we can see from the image above, there are many volcanoes in El Salvador, these above are the main ones in the chain of Volcanoes of Central America


It is located in the east of El Salvador in San Miguel. This volcano is one of the most important volcanoes in Central America. In The Sierra Chinameca, the Chaparrastic Volcano elevates to 2139 m s.n.m with a huge and spectacular crater with a diameter of 900 meters.
This volcano is active and once in a while it produces eruptive clouds of dust and ahes. This volcano has erupted thousands of times; in 1699,1762,1769,1798,1811,1819,1835,1844,1868,1920,1924,1930,1931,1939,1954 and 1965.
Its name is derived from Poton which means ?Tierra Calurosa del Chaparro? (Hot land of Chaparro)


This volcano is the highest Volcano in the Volcanic Chain of the Pacific Ocean. It has a height of 2,365 meters above sea level. It is not only the highest, but the volcano with a larger surface area. This volcano has 4 craters inside the oldest crater with a profundity of 289 meters.
At the end of the crater, there is a small lagoon of sulphuric water, with a green esmerald color.
This Volcano was very active in the XVI century, and in this past year, 2005, this volcano showed some activity, as it erupted ashes and dust.


Location: It is located at the south-west of the capital of El Salvador, San Salvador, in Sonsonate.
This volcano was created in the middle XVIII century. It has been active until now, after the catastrophic eruption in 1957 continued by some intervals of activity. In 1966 there was a little eruption causing a chimney at the south-east of the volcano. This is a great tourist attraction, for people looking for adventures this is the perfect place.

El picacho/Boqueron

This Volcano is one of the most astonishing accidents that have occurred in El Salvador. Originaly, the mountain was larger and bigger; however, there was a violent explosion that flew in the air making this volcano. It left a volcano with a crater of 1,600m of diameter. El picacho, is the tallest part of these volcano. Its height is of 1,960m above sea level.
Its last eruption was in 1917, when the lava reached a length of 6.5 km and vaporized the lagoon which existed at the end of the crater. In this volcano, there are some coffee plantations and there are some plantations of tropical flowers.
It is located in the capital of El Salvador, San Salvador, making this volcano a major tourism attraction as it is closed from the city.


This volcano is very peculiar. It has two Peeks, one peek is flat and has an elevation of 2,105 meter above sea level and the other peek is sharp and has an altitude of 2,181 meters above sea level. Between this two peeks it exists a hole, where there was once a crater, now it is covered with vegetation, and some orquids.
In the base of the volcano there are some sources of thermal waters, which are sulfuric and some steams which are called ?infiernillos? (little hell). From the top you can appreciate a beautiful and splendid view of the Jiboa Valley.

Posted by mafermelgar at 12:49 AM EST
Updated: Monday, 9 January 2006 12:37 AM EST
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Arqueological Ruins!!!

San Andres

This arqueological park is found at 30 minutes from the Capital, San Salvador. It is located in the Zapotit?n valley, between the Sucio river and Agua Caliente River. This land is very important in agriculture, nowadays.

San Andres has a small museum, in where you can appreciate the history of our ancestors. San Andres, is one of the prehispanic centres of El Salvador. In 1892 it was informed about the existent of this arquelogical site. The first?s investigations of the field were made in 1940 and 1941; however, they were suspended until 1700. All of the research that has been done in this site has brought important history to our country.

In this arqueological site you will be able to appreciate and enjoy the historical culture of El Salvador.


This site is located in the city of Chalchuapa, province of Santa Ana. Between the most important things in this site, it is found the Virgin of Tazumal, which information reveals that it was found by Santiago Barberean in 1892.
This arqueological site was registered by Stanley Boggs in 1940, who identify 13 sculptures, from small ones to big ones to 24 meters tall. The sculptures, shows us a civilization of people in a village called ?Cuscatlan? long before these land was colonized.
El tazumal keeps a lot of history and antique treasures that are available for those who search for these to be revealed.

Joyas de Ceren

Approximately 1400 years ago, this site was a village along the Sucio River (Nexapa). The villagers went to San Andres in search of things; however this journey was unfortunately very long for them, approximately an hour walking. The village was buried from 4 to 6 meters of ashes, covering and destroying all existence of this village. Ashes and lava closed this area for further excavation.
After years, this site was discovered in 1976, due to some working in land with tractors. This was immediately was informed, and the archeologists discovered that the walls, the floors, etc. were conservated very well, however, they weren?t able to maintain this site so further work in the land was made, destroying a dozen of rooms.
In 1978, the arqueologist Stanley Boggs, did a survey in the Zapotitan valley, discovering the antiqueness of this village, which showed 1, 400 years. In 1979 and 1980 they tried to unburied, however due to their safety as a war was going on they did not come back until 1989.
Joya de Ceren was open to the public in 1993, showing Salvadorian history to humanity.

Posted by mafermelgar at 12:31 AM EST
Updated: Monday, 9 January 2006 12:38 AM EST
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Cathedral of Santa Ana

It is the most famous cathedral in El Salvador. It was begun in 1905 in a neo-gothic style. On the inside there are three naves decorated with images dating back to the 16th century. A high ceiling and worn wooden floor leads to a while altar. The pink and gray columns look like marble, but they are actually painted concrete. This church has a theater which people like to visit so much as it has a great history behind it.

Cathedral of San Miguel

It is located at the east of El Salvador, in San Miguel.This cathedral is very beautiful, many people come to listen church appreciating the Chaparrastique volcano in the background.In this cathedral La Virgen de la Paz (La Paz Virgin) is worship.

Cathedral of San Salvador

The Cathedral of San Salvador, is located in the capital, better known as the Metropolitan Cathedral,is a beautiful church which has an astonsihing history

Apanecas Church

It is located in Sonsonate, at the south-west of El Salvador. Apaneca, is one of the most beautiful towns, in Sonsonate, and it is a major tourist attraction, so while enjoying the beautiful village in which you find so much crafts, you can also visit the church, which eventually you will love!

Ilobascos Church

It is located in Cabanas, in the top of a hill at 780m. This town is well recognized because all of their crafts which started around 1700, making this town very famous. But, while walking in the town?s streets, you can watch several crafts men work and show their ability to carve wood; one example is Mrs. Dominga Herrera, who without completing high school makes the most astonishing pieces of craft.







Posted by mafermelgar at 12:18 AM EST
Updated: Monday, 9 January 2006 12:40 AM EST
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